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The Company

ProVinum is an independent and privately owned, family-run business, working in partnership with the company's wines suppliers. Founded with the purpose of offering a complete service to Romanian wineries, both for exporting and marketing their wines and for contributing to the upgrading of their technologies, ProVinum business concept is to satisfy the customers demands in relation to the price and quality of the products offered. ProVinum is a quality-oriented company, offering reliable services to business partners abroad, as well as in the local market. Our philosophy is to satisfy the customers demand and offer the best solutions to their problems. ProVinum is a wine trader, wine export being our specialty. With a good knowledge of the Romanian wine industry and the excellent relationship with the major wine producers, ProVinum is your best partner for getting acquainted with the Romanian wine.
ProVinum is a major importer and distributor of materials and equipment for the wine industry, thus creating the synergy for sustaining the core business - the wine exports - by offering to wineries complete and modern technological solutions for producing quality wines. ProVinum represents in Romania well known producers such as: Cadalpe, MBF ( M. Bertolaso & Flli), PALL - Perdomini / Seitz, Sabate, Siprem, Saint - Gobain Italy.
ProVinum has a highly specialized team, with a good understanding of the market customers needs, ensuring that implemented activities give the best possible results, in order to fulfill the wishes and requirements of our partners and to inspire confidence, getting loyal and satisfied customers. The structure is a dynamic one and was born from the combined talents of experienced professionals.
The entrepreneurs behind
ProVinum are Lucia and Basil Zarnoveanu. Both have a long experience in the trade: Lucia - in the import and distribution of materials and equipment for the wine industry and Basil - in the export and marketing of wine.
ProVinum philosophy is to co-operate with our suppliers and partners on a friendly basis, in order to guarantee maximum of service, advantageous handling, individual care and comprehensive consulting of our clients.
ProVinum is your partner in all questions "around wine". We are traders both in bottled and bulk wines.
We supply well-chosen Bottled Wines, as quality wines with controlled appellation of Origin, as well as table wines. We sell wines either under our brands and labels, such
Terra Dacica, Carpathian Hills, Laura, Via Verde, or under private labels of importers or suppliers. Our strong point is obvious: excellent and consistent quality, best balance of price and performances, as well as reliable services.
We are active in the
Bulk Wines business, as well, offering wines from all major wine regions of Romania. These are ready-to-bottle wines, basic or blending wines, whites reds, from dry to sweet and further to wine distillates.
ProVinum provides the expertise for complete and advanced solutions to your Technological needs. Representing in Romania some leading names in the field, we offer products at good price / quality ratio, from turnkey winery projects, vinification, bottling and packing equipment to dry goods, such as bottles, corkstoppers, labels.
ProVinum is your Consultant. We know that both suppliers and customers have individual requests. Such special requests demand and individualized approach. We are here to advise you in a comprehensive or individual way, in the field of market approach, investment opportunities, legislation, marketing and technological issues.